Hoxton Cabin is a creative and musical cafe | bar in East London.
We like to keep our spaces as chilled and relaxing as your own living room. At Hoxton Cabin you will be able to study, work or enjoy a catch up with friends.
We serve delicious breakfast, light lunches and snacks made by us daily along with coffee during the day, and independent craft lagers during the evening. We also serve spirits and cocktails.
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Art Exhibitions
Hoxton Cabin is also an exhibition space available to emerging artists. After discussion process with our team we work together with the artist to display their work in the best possible way. This gives to the artist the opportunity of reaching to audience at the heart of East London while it gives the chance to our guests and friends of sharing their passion surrounding art.
Music Events
Stay tuned for he latest DJing, live music and open mike sessions. We aim to bring musicians of various genres to perform for you: folk, jazz, ethnic, funk, soul paired with Mediterranean and Balkan traditional tunes.
We mostly host music events on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
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